What is Radical Resilience?


Throughout my career as a law enforcement officer, I developed stress-based health issues I now know stemmed from a dysregulated nervous system, chronic inflammation, routine exposure to secondary trauma, and habits that did not support my health.  As I searched for ways to heal my gut, lose weight, sleep better, and feel more energized, I tried different diets like Paleo and Atkins and would grind it out with early morning exercise, despite being up with small kids or a late call at work. My mindset was that  sacrificing sleep was the norm. I operated like this for years.  Although I had been practicing yoga and meditation, it wasn’t until I found Ayurveda that things finally began to shift. By making small lifestyle habit changes I was able to get my physiology back in rhythm. This changed my health and my life.


What is Radical Resilience?


A year-long program that will guide members on a journey unlike any other. Our bodies naturally want to heal themselves and you will learn how to tune into your body’s wisdom and align to your circadian rhythm to improve sleep, digestion, and energy. According to Ayurveda, the daily lifestyle flow that syncs the body with nature’s rhythms is backed by circadian science.


What is Ayurveda?  Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and means knowledge of life. It is an evidenced based holistic framework supported by modern science and behavioral health research for those who want to live their best life, improve health, increase energy, and strengthen mindset and relationships.


I have experienced first-hand the power of peer support in the first responder community. Research has proven we are influenced the most by those we spend our time with. Being on a growth path with others who are like minded in a dynamic group facilitates success.


Radical Resilience is based on the habits of Ayurveda in a group environment with those who are like minded which can make our growth path faster, easier, and more fun.


The program consists of four 10 week cycles through the habits in a group coaching environment with 1:1 support. We start by learning the habits in a dynamic group setting and each quarter we explore the habits on a deeper level until they become automated and embodied.


What are the Habits?


Radical Resilience is a blueprint for learning the 10 essential habits for longevity, resilience, and to thrive. Small gains add up over a year and the goal is 1% improvement each day.


Habit 1 – Rhythmic eating

Habit 2 – Radical rest

Habit 3 – Win the morning win the day

Habit 4 – Mindful movement

Habit 5 – Nourishment & Digestion with a plant based diet

Habit 6 – Radical self-compassion and nervous system care

Habit 7 – Pause & reflect

Habit 8 – Healthy eating guidelines

Habit 9 – Sense organ care

Habit 10 – Easeful living


If you are interested in learning more about the Radical Resilience program,I offer FREE 30 minute one-on-one consultation sessions.  This gives us an opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations and to see if Radical Resilience is right for you. Email me at:  [email protected], or just fill out and submit the form below for additional information, or to set up your free consultation.